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Arizona State University

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a personalized experience in an incomparable location

Few communities in America can match Greater Phoenix for its diverse culture, unique beauty, thriving arts, sports and entertainment scene and nearly perfect weather. At ASU’s College of Public Programs, you’ll discover a college experience that is all you dreamed it would be: an exciting, top-notch education in a vibrant, world-class city.

This is ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus, where you’ll live and study in the heart of city. A school day might begin with an outdoors discussion on strategies for planning safe routes for children who walk and bike to school, and end with a leisurely stroll through the Roosevelt Row Arts District, a creative quarter just outside our door.

The College’s extensive networking with the greater Phoenix public, private and nonprofit sectors provides our students enviable access to the people and organizations that make the city move.

Students in the College of Public Programs complete internships with state, county and municipal agencies and a range of nonprofit organizations. Phoenix City Hall, the State Capitol complex, and the Arizona Supreme Court are located just minutes away from campus.

You’ll meet amazing people every day, but still feel part of a close-knit community. Come for a visit and we’ll show you what makes our college and our college life so special.