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Dean Jonathan Koppell


“Through our studies, research and actions, we embrace the
challenge of creating and preserving public goods.”

In an age when articulating a concern for our common problems is likely to be met by a derisive sneer, the students, faculty and staff in the ASU College of Public Programs reject such cynicism.  Through our studies, research and actions, we embrace the challenge of creating and preserving public goods.  We are motivated by the simple idea that our fortunes are inextricably intertwined, that the best way to advance our own self-interest is to solve problems that bedevil us all.  And so we embrace the core ideal of Arizona State; that the University must not only advance solutions to our shared challenges but must be a solution.

In the past year, the College of Public Programs has once again been at the vanguard of ASU’s efforts to define the model for a New American University.  With inclusiveness as a core value, the College has increased enrollment, serving among the most diverse student bodies at ASU, including the highest percentage of first generation college students, underserved minority students, transfer students and veterans at the
university. At the same time, our students perform with excellence, participating in research, winning awards and serving their communities.  Indeed, the College of Public Programs typifies the ASU commitment to community engagement with nearly 240 community partners placing students in internships, collaborating with faculty on research projects and participating in College events.   

Across the four schools and nine research centers that make up our College, we are preparing students for lives of community engagement and service while faculty pursue use-inspired research aimed at making our communities more prosperous, healthy and resilient.  We are excited to share, in this report, a sample of our activities over the last year and look forward to your joining these efforts in the year ahead.



Jonathan Koppell,

Dean, College of Public Programs


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