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Centers & Institutes

The Lodestar Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Innovation
Building the capacity of the nonprofit sector to help organizations improve the quality of life in their communities.

Robert Ashcraft, Director

Center for Urban Innovation
Improving the quality of urban life in neighborhoods, cities, and regions by promoting innovation in governance, policy, and management.

James Svara, Director

Center for Sustainable Tourism
Researching tourism security, sustainability and social impact globally and bringing results to communities locally.

Timothy Tyrrell, Director

Morrison Institute for Public Policy
Offering applied public policy research that is timely, objective and useable to inform, advise, and assist state, business, and community leaders.

Sue Clark-Johnson, Director

Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center
Culturally grounded research with an emphasis on health disparities encompassing substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and mental health.

Flavio Marsiglia, Director

Bob Ramsey Executive Education Program
Providing innovative professional development programs that build the individual and organizational capacity of those who serve the public.
Hector Zelaya, Director

Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy
The Center engages in a variety of initiatives and programs as it strives to inform and influence public policy, programs and practices to support those with behavioral health disabilities by synthesizing and transforming information and promoting new insight and understanding of crucial societal issues.

Michael Shafer, Director

Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety
The Center's mission is to generate, share, and apply quality research and knowledge to create "best practice" standards. The center specifically evaluates policies and programs, analyzes and evaluates patterns and causes of violence, develops strategies and programs, develops a clearinghouse of research reports and "best practice" models, educates, trains and provides technical assistance, and facilitates the development of and construction of databases..

Charles M. Katz, Watts Family Director

Center for Social Cohesion
The Center for Social Cohesion, a joint project of Arizona State University and Zócalo Public Square in partnership with the New America Foundation, is dedicated to studying the forces that shape our sense of social unity.

Gregory Rodriguez, Founding Director

Partnership for Community Development (PCD)
The Partnership is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of all ages in the communities in which we live and work by empowering community members to actively develop processes within their own communities to counter social challenges, and ultimately, increase their quality of life.

Richard C. Knopf, Director

Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars Program
The College of Public Programs is pleased to steward Arizona State University’s Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars Program, which is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for individuals who would not normally receive traditional academic scholarships and whose personal commitments and financial circumstances would preclude their attendance without substantial, long-term scholarship support.

Dana Newell, Interim Director

Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security
The Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security brings together the vast knowledge and capacity available throughout the entire ASU enterprise to create innovative solutions for the mitigation, preparation, response, recovery and management of significant incidents or disasters – whether natural or man-made.

Rick Dale, Executive Director