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Dean Jonathan Koppell

We prepare students at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels to better our communities through careers in public service.


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The Year in Review

Our faculty and students  are making a difference in their communities, and making the world a better place piece by piece.


The College of Public Programs is preparing the next generation of public service leaders and advancing teaching, research and creative problem-solving in complex urban environments - locally and globally. Areas of expertise include: Improving the quality of life for individuals and families from all backgrounds Innovative approaches to public management nonprofit leadership and organizational effectiveness

We partner with those intent on addressing critical social issues and are confident that Phoenix and the State of Arizona can be exemplars for the future. Join us!

Dean Jonathan Koppell


“Through our studies, research and actions, we embrace the
challenge of creating and preserving public goods.”

In an age when articulating a concern for our common problems is likely to be met by a derisive sneer, the students, faculty and staff in the ASU College of Public Programs reject such cynicism.  Through our studies, research and actions, we embrace the challenge of creating and preserving public goods.  We are motivated by the simple idea that our fortunes are inextricably intertwined, that the best way to advance our own self-interest is to solve problems that bedevil us all.  And so we embrace the core ideal of Arizona State; that the University must not only advance solutions to our shared challenges but must be a solution.

In the past year, the College of Public Programs has once again been at the vanguard of ASU’s efforts to define the model for a New American University.  With inclusiveness as a core value, the College has increased enrollment, serving among the most diverse student bodies at ASU, including the highest percentage of first generation college students, underserved minority students, transfer students and veterans at the
university. At the same time, our students perform with excellence, participating in research, winning awards and serving their communities.  Indeed, the College of Public Programs typifies the ASU commitment to community engagement with nearly 240 community partners placing students in internships, collaborating with faculty on research projects and participating in College events.   

Across the four schools and nine research centers that make up our College, we are preparing students for lives of community engagement and service while faculty pursue use-inspired research aimed at making our communities more prosperous, healthy and resilient.  We are excited to share, in this report, a sample of our activities over the last year and look forward to your joining these efforts in the year ahead.



Jonathan Koppell,

Dean, College of Public Programs


Action, Advocacy & Arts

Action, Advocacy, Arts
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About AAA

Staff Directory


College of Public Programs Staff Directory

Jonathan Koppell

Dean, College of Public Programs

(602) 496-0402 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax

Laura Thede

Executive Assistant to the Dean, College of Public Programs

(602) 496-0402 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax
Dale Larsen

Director of Community Relations

(602) 496-0422 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax
Wiliam Valencia

Program Director

(602) 496-2442 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax

Student and Academic Affairs

Nancy Rodriguez

Associate Dean for Student Engagement

(602) 496-0404 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Kathy Andereck

Associate Dean for Academic Programs

(602) 496-0404 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Dana C. Newell, M.A.

Assistant Dean, Student and Academic Affairs

(602) 496-0416 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Amanda Bowling

Student Success Initiatives, Coordinator, Sr.

(602) 496-1185 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Douglas Capitan

Student Financial Resource Coordinator

(602) 496-0232 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax

Nathaniel Coghlan

Recruitment Coordinator

(602) 496-0411 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Lenny Diaz

Student Support Specialist

(602) 496-0413 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax




Kevin Desouza

Associate Dean for Research

(602) 496-1168 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Cheryl Lee

Assistant Director, Research Advancement

(602) 496-0417 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Sarah Bryant

Research Advancement Specialist

(602) 496-0399 - phone (602) 496-0955 - fax



Carmen D'Angelo

Director of Finance and Administration

(602) 496-1170 - phone (602) 496-0128 - fax


Barbara Dodd

Business Operations Manager Sr., Budget/Reporting

(602) 496-1798 - phone (602) 496-0128 - fax


Shimara Mizell

Business Operations Manager Sr., HR

(602) 496-0421 - phone (602) 496-0128 - fax


Kathleen Robbins

Business Operations Specialist, Sr., Operations

(602) 496-2179 - phone (602) 496-0128 - fax


Ricci Chappell

Department HR Specialist

(602) 496-0274 - phone (602) 496-0128 - fax


Elaine Finke

Department HR Specialist

(602) 496-1098 - phone (602) 496-0128 - fax


Martha Mendoza

Academic Financial Specialist, Operations

(602) 496-6784 - phone (602) 496-0128 - fax

Jamie Rock

Academic Financial Specialist, Operations

(602) 496-0055 - phone (602) 496-0128 - fax


Bob Ryberg

Research Advancement Accountant

(602) 496-0090 - phone (602) 496-0955 - fax


Rhonda Newman

Academic Financial Specialist, Audit/Reconciliation

(602) 496-1383 - phone (602) 496-0955 - fax


Carrie Tovar

Curator of Art

(602) 496-1386 - phone (602) 496-0955 - fax


Alma Chavez

Director of Development

(602) 496-0407 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax

Elise L. Peterson

Donor Relations Specialist

(602) 496-0408 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Heather Beshears

Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications

(602) 496-0406 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Paul Atkinson

Associate Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications

(602) 496-0001 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax

(480) 603-6363 -- cell

Paula Maturana

Design Specialist

(602) 496-0423 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax

Jose Rios Lua

Interactive Marketing and Communications

(602) 496-0146 -- phone (602) 496-0955 — fax

Michelle Oldfield

Manager, Conferences and Events

(602) 496-0410 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Information Technology

Richard Gould

Director, Information Technology Services

(602) 496-0424 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Jake Tenney

Systems Support Analyst

(602) 496-0412 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax


Jonathan Pratt

Manager of Instructional Design and Online Learning

(602) 496-1162 — phone (602) 496-0955 — fax



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Jobs offered by or in the College
Job Opportunities
Research Aide for the School of Social Work
Student aides are needed to support a research study that will examine the ethnic/racial socialization process of Latino immigrant families or how Latino parents prepare their children for discrimination. Tasks include transcribing and translating interviews, conducting literature reviews, data entry, analysis, and coding. Students with research interest and/or experience are encouraged to apply. Training will be provided. Pay is $10 - $15 based on experience and education level.
Director, School of Social Work
Arizona State University, invites nominations and applications of an established academic for the position of Director of the School of Social Work, with a term commencing July 1, 2014. The School of Social Work ( has accredited BSW, MSW, and Ph.D. programs with more than 1,370 students and 48 faculty members.
Director, School of Social Work
Director, Morrison Institute for Public Policy
Arizona State University is seeking to hire a public policy leader with multi-faceted research expertise and broad experience in policy analysis to serve as director of the Morrison Institute for Public Policy. A unit in the School of Public Affairs in the College of Public Programs, the Morrison Institute is Arizona’s most established applied public policy research institute.
Director, Morrison Institute
Faculty, School of Public Affairs
The Arizona State University School of Public Affairs invites applications for three tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant or Associate level. Hiring will focus on active, entrepreneurial emerging scholars with a desire to work collaboratively across disciplinary lines as they establish themselves as leaders in core fields of public administration and policy research.
Faculty, School of Public Affairs
Director, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Arizona State University invites nominations and applications of an established academic for the position of Director of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, with a term commencing July 1, 2014.
Director, CCJ
The College of Public Programs is looking for a Specialist that, under general supervision, works in collaboration with the dean and director of development to plan, coordinate, implement, and evaluate comprehensive prospect research and donor relations programs targeted for recognition, stewardship, and ongoing engagement
Faculty, School of Social Work
Applications are invited for a tenure track Assistant Professor position in Tucson to start Fall, 2014. Expertise in health and health disparities, behavioral health, children and families, or macro practice is preferred, and experience in working with culturally diverse populations is especially valued. Interest in immigration and border issues, and related social problems, also is desirable.
Faculty, School of Social Work
Support System Specialist for the College of Public Programs
The College of Public Programs is hiring a Support System Specialist for our CoPP IT department. This person will help provide support for all desk side support needs, assist with software installation and troubleshooting, work with vendors and central UTO to support units in conjunction with University goals and policies, and assist customers with recommendations and IT orders.
director, center for sustainable tourism
The School of Community Resources & Development in the College of Public Programs at Arizona State University is seeking a director for the Center for Sustainable Tourism at the rank of tenured Associate or full Professor. The Center for Sustainable Tourism is devoted to studying and enhancing the role of tourism in community development in order to strengthen its contribution to viable economic, social, and environmental systems. The center is in its initial development phase. Historically, it has served Arizona communities and is viewed as a public resource. The director will be responsible for further development of the center and engaging faculty and students in its activities to advance the mission and vision of the school, college and university.
Assistant Professor of Community Development
The School of Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University is seeking a full-time, tenure-track assistant professor in community development.
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Applications are invited for a tenure track Assistant Professor position in Phoenix to start Fall, 2014. Expertise in child welfare research is required. Research experience related to aging out of state child welfare care is highly preferred, particularly with respect to models for enhancing educational and other services designed to promote well-being for this population
Faculty Position, SSW, Child Welfare


College of Public Programs Schools and their Academic Offerings
Our Schools

Reports and Presentations

College of Public Programs, Reports and Articles

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Centers & Institutes

The Lodestar Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Innovation
Building the capacity of the nonprofit sector to help organizations improve the quality of life in their communities.

Robert Ashcraft, Director

Center for Urban Innovation
Improving the quality of urban life in neighborhoods, cities, and regions by promoting innovation in governance, policy, and management.

James Svara, Director

Center for Sustainable Tourism
Researching tourism security, sustainability and social impact globally and bringing results to communities locally.

Timothy Tyrrell, Director

Morrison Institute for Public Policy
Offering applied public policy research that is timely, objective and useable to inform, advise, and assist state, business, and community leaders.

Sue Clark-Johnson, Director

Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center
Culturally grounded research with an emphasis on health disparities encompassing substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and mental health.

Flavio Marsiglia, Director

Bob Ramsey Executive Education Program
Providing innovative professional development programs that build the individual and organizational capacity of those who serve the public.
Hector Zelaya, Director

Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy
The Center engages in a variety of initiatives and programs as it strives to inform and influence public policy, programs and practices to support those with behavioral health disabilities by synthesizing and transforming information and promoting new insight and understanding of crucial societal issues.

Michael Shafer, Director

Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety
The Center's mission is to generate, share, and apply quality research and knowledge to create "best practice" standards. The center specifically evaluates policies and programs, analyzes and evaluates patterns and causes of violence, develops strategies and programs, develops a clearinghouse of research reports and "best practice" models, educates, trains and provides technical assistance, and facilitates the development of and construction of databases..

Charles M. Katz, Watts Family Director

Center for Social Cohesion
The Center for Social Cohesion, a joint project of Arizona State University and Zócalo Public Square in partnership with the New America Foundation, is dedicated to studying the forces that shape our sense of social unity.

Gregory Rodriguez, Founding Director

Partnership for Community Development (PCD)
The Partnership is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of all ages in the communities in which we live and work by empowering community members to actively develop processes within their own communities to counter social challenges, and ultimately, increase their quality of life.

Richard C. Knopf, Director

Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars Program
The College of Public Programs is pleased to steward Arizona State University’s Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars Program, which is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for individuals who would not normally receive traditional academic scholarships and whose personal commitments and financial circumstances would preclude their attendance without substantial, long-term scholarship support.

Dana Newell, Interim Director

Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security
The Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security brings together the vast knowledge and capacity available throughout the entire ASU enterprise to create innovative solutions for the mitigation, preparation, response, recovery and management of significant incidents or disasters – whether natural or man-made.

Rick Dale, Executive Director

Degree Programs

A College wide listing of degree programs and certficates

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Facts and Figures

We do not fit the mold, no matter the mold! So rise above the rest, find people just like you and join us in changing the world!
World Icon

If you look around our classes you will see a variety of students:
in state
out of state

Current undergraduate
student demographics:


female icon



49.8% are ethnic minorities

27.2% are out-of-state students

18.6% are part-time students

68.6% are transfers

262 are first-time freshmen

Current graduate
student demographics:



female icon



32.7% are ethnic minorities

31.5% are non-residents
(which means out of state, international and undocumented)

36.5% are part-time students

2013/2014 student profile



degrees awarded


made Dean’s List spring 2013


total veterans enrolled


countries represented





    43 programs

    15 undergraduate majors


we have students
from 59 countries


39 Mexico

26 Korea

19 China

9 Canada

financial aid

167 students received:


in scholarships from the college

1,612 students

Pell grants totaling $6,973,839

1,299 students

loans and aid totaling $21,463,306


Data from ASU APP, My Reports, and Sharepoint as of November 6, 2013


For more information, please contact:

Dana C. Newell, M.A.
Assistant Dean, Student and Academic Affairs
Phone:(602) 496-0416

Business Services

The Administrative and operations manual and forms
Business Services Team


There are currently no items in this folder.

Message from the Dean


Engage • Serve • Transform

A Message from Dean Jonathan Koppell

January 2013

Might closing the achievement gap and addressing health disparities be part of the answer to the challenges facing increasingly diverse communities in the Southwest and across America? How can we enhance efforts to combat human trafficking and build safer communities that are successful at improving conditions, engaging citizens and resolving problems?

Our faculty, students and alumni are tackling these hard questions and many more. We’re preparing the next generation of public service and public policy researchers and practitioners from undergraduates to post-doctoral fellows. In this edition of eNews, I’m pleased to share a sampling of our public service research and engagement stories illustrating what is possible when academics, researchers, and government and community stakeholders intersect. I welcome your feedback, and invite you to join our efforts.

Jonathan Koppell


Convocation 2013 


Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton addresses Class of 2013

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton adressed graduates and guests of the Class of 2013 on May 9th at the 2013 Spring Convocation at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Dean Koppell addresses Class of 2013 at Spring Convocation

Jonathan Koppell, Dean of the College of Public Programs, adressed graduates and guests of the Class of 2013 on May 9th at the 2013 Spring Convocation at the Phoenix Convention Center.